We love home-brewing fresh Kombuchai right at home! It's a safe, easy, and almost effortless way to make a fermented health-boosting probiotic elixir for pennies on the dollar! It's fun for the family and gets kids hooked on an effervescent fizzy "soda pop" that's great for not only their tastebuds, but their growing bodies!

This organic herbal blend will give you the perfect batch of 'booch! It's seriously better than what you find at the store! The base is a delectable blend of organic Rooibos and Green tea (never sourced from China) for optimal SCOBY health with added Hibiscus flower petals, elderflowers and just a touch of Valerian for that soothing "Ahhhhh...." you feel after taking a sip of home-brewed kombuchai. Hibiscus adds acidity which protects your brew from foreign microbes, the elderflowers give it irresistible floral notes that go so well with a tickle of Valerian. You will seriously love this rich and tangy blend! You can even use it half&half with your favourite green or black tea!

We love Kombuchai, our lives revolve around when that next batch will be ready. After only a few days of steeping your SCOBY in our Kombuchai blend, you'll notice your SCOBY floating, fizzing, and little bubbles happily settling on the surface; all signs of flourishing health. With enough sugar, this blend will make your SCOBYs fat fast! The choice of herbs we used in this blend are 100% SCOBY safe and will NOT harm your SCOBY. There aren't many herbs that are considered SCOBY safe. This blend can be additionally flavored in any which way during the second ferment.

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