Candida Crusher

Candida Crusher


Candida is a very common ailment for many people with the widespread use and abuse of anti-biotics in the western world wiping our colons clean of good bacteria. This, along with with a sedentary lifestyle, a diet rich in refined grains, processed foods & meat, and low in fiber, leafy greens and vegetables creates a sluggish colon that's lined with a layer of compact dark fecal matter which not only impedes our ability to absorb key nutrients in our food, but also provides an idea breeding ground for Candida Albicans- a parasitic fungus that moves around the body and makes us feel fatigued, get allergies, get never-ending sniffles, neurological abnormalities, yeast infections, athlete's foot and GI ailments. Modern medicine simply doesn't pay enough attention to candida, as it's incredibly and increasingly common in the post-penicillin era. I highly recommend glancing over the symptomology to consider whether it may be affecting you.

In a healthy gut, candida exists in controlled numbers alongside the friendly flora that help us digest, absorb nutrients and even produce nutrients for our bodies to assimilate and use to be healthy. However, people who've even taken anti-biotics once have already messed up the delicate eco-system that's the most intrinsic part of our colon health and overall health. If there's anything I learned while studying herbalism, it's that you simply cannot be healthy with an unhealthy colon; all health starts with your colon. 

This blend was first made for a mother who was surprised to find fungal overgrowth in her colon. She drank this blend often and followed a colon cleanse and a anti-candida diet. Her results came back negative just two months later, and she still drinks the tea to this day for it's sweet-spicy taste and the way it clears her head and gives her energy. Meet the Candida Crushers:

Uva Ursi: contains diuretic chemicals, including ursolic acid, powerful astringents, and a chemical, allantoin, that helps promote the growth of healthy new cells and the healing of wounds. It also contains tannic acid, a phenolic acid, which is also found in nettles, tea, and berries. Studies have shown that tannic acid has a number of health benefits including anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor activity. Uva Ursi has been reported to be effective against diseases caused by bacteria such as E. coli, Proteus vulgaris, Mycoplasma hominis, Staphylococcus strains, and Candida albicans.

Ginger Root: Gentle antifungal, anti-inflammatory agent, analgesic (pain reliever), nausea reliever, metabolism booster, aphrodisiac and is a protector of gastrointestinal lining. Wonderful for restoring the intestinal ecosystem after a candida infestation. Effective anti-parasitic.

Licorice Root: An excellent prebiotic with a tangy sweet taste and numerous fungicidal properties.

Black Walnut: Studies on compounds found in black walnut extract have shown it to be as effective against candida as commercial antifungal treatments like selenium sulfide and zinc undecylenate. It is believed that the naphthoquinone juglone, high levels of astringent tannins and other compounds in black walnut treatments change the intestinal environment to make it unfavorable for the candida albicans fungus and other harmful parasites.

Cayenne Pepper: Powerful circulatory stimulant and anti-fungal. Cayenne has been used since ancient times to treat parasites. It's great for the immune system, which helps the body respond to Candida. The immune boosting effects are due to antioxidants like vitamin C and beta-carotene, which fight the effects of oxidative stress. It also greatly improves digestion which cleanses out candida.

**One serving is one gram of tea blend per cup of water. Let it simmer in a covered stainless steel or glass pot on the stovetop for 10-15 minutes, strain, letting your infusion time to cool before sipping. You can re-simmer the herbs once more before they're spent; the tea will be pleasant and mild. I recommend making a 2 liter glass jar-full to drink though the whole day; simply simmer the appropriate amount of servings and dilute with hot water. Keeps well in the fridge.

This tea works best when used in combination with a candida-curbing diet that's very low in sugar, dairy and starches to starve off the parasitic fungus and high in kefir and probiotics to restore the natural intestinal flora. The herbs in Candida Crusher help to effectively purge the fungus out of your body and promote new tissue regeneration. It can also be used topically as an anti-fungal foot soak or poured into the bath to relieve yeast infections and candidaisis on the skin. 

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