We don't source teas from China for many reasons.  For one, we like to source locally grown and wildcrafted organic herbs from here in the US. They travel a shorter distance from the earth to your earthenware mug and that reduces the amount of fossil fuel energy consumed. If an herb is native to other parts of the world, like many tea trees are, we carefully source from organic farms in India, Europe, and South America. Another huge reason is that the purity of herbs grown in China has plummeted.  Soils, water bodies, and the herbs that depend on that environment are notoriously riddled with heavy metals, pollutants, and chemicals.  We wouldn't want to drink that ourselves and don't buy Chinese teas.  Instead, we support fair trade organic tea farmers in Sri Lanka.

Isn't using herbs in Kombucha-brewing harmful to the scoby?

S.C.O.B.Y. is an acronym for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast.  Many herbs have anti-bacterial or yeast-killing properties (like our Candida Crusher for aid in yeast overgrowth) and so would naturally hurt a SCOBY.  With our knowledge in Herbalism, we've selected certain herbs to pair with a green-tea based Kombuchai that are not only SCOBY safe, but also enhance both the flavor of the brew and properties of the herbs.  We've used this brew for years and our SCOBY is healthy as can be.

do you claim your products cure diseases?

Our blends are formulated by an Herbalist using natural plant remedies. Many of these plants have been used for centuries in traditional medicine.  Most western medicine is based on the naturally occurring constituents found in herbs and wild plants.  We encourage people to seek a holistic health care professional for aid.  That being said, we formally state that our products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any ailment. Information provided is sourced from published textbooks regarding botanical medicine and is not a claim.  Work with your holistic physician to guide your use of herbs.

I'm outside the US, can I still get EARTHFLOWER HERBS?

Yes! We regularly ship herbs internationally. We've shipped to Canada, the UK, and other countries. It just takes longer to receive your order. Check us out on ETSY for international orders!

Why does Earthflower herbs only ship via USPS?

The United States Postal Service was founded 1775 in Washington D.C. and belongs to the American people. When cities and states cut funding to the USPS, it causes service to suffer and the private companies take advantage. Private shipping companies try to make the public American mail system obsolete in hopes of cornering the market.  That means the money we pay to ship every order goes into the wallet of a corporate CEO.  The USPS provides important well paying, equal-opportunity government jobs to thousands of Americans and when we choose to support the public system over private corporations, then the people win.

I'm a small business owner interested in carrying Earthflower herbs. How can I?

Feel free to contact us via INstagram DM -----> @Earthflower_herbs

We also respond to inquiries via Etsy ------> Earthflower Herbs & Organics