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Our famous UTI tea is our best seller.  It began in our apothecary and has landed in every corner of the United states, from our customers in Florida to Alaska, California to New York, and anywhere in between!  It's even reached customers in the U.K. and Canada.  It's truly been spread by womanly word-of-mouth!

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There isn't a tea more soothing than our Lavender Valerian Grey.  It's filled with aromatic lavender flowers blended into a rich Earl Grey tea sourced from the island of Sri Lanka. Organic Bergamot gives this tea as beautiful scent. You'll also find Valerian to relax and balance an anxious mind.  This tea is heavenly Iced and makes the perfect morning beverage for anxious people who might not enjoy Coffee.  It's got enough caffeine to keep you alert, but is balanced with soothing Valerian, Lavender and Bergamot for a more gentle experience.  Any tea lover can enjoy this delicious & fair-trade blend!

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This organic herbal blend will give you the perfect batch of 'booch! It's seriously better than what you find at the store! The base is a delectable blend of organic Rooibos and Green tea (never sourced from China) for optimal SCOBY health with added Hibiscus flower petals, elderflowers and just a touch of Valerian for that soothing "Ahhhhh...." you feel after taking a sip of home-brewed kombuchai. Hibiscus adds acidity which protects your brew from foreign microbes, the elderflowers give it irresistible floral notes that go so well with a tickle of Valerian. You will seriously love this rich and tangy blend! You can even use it half&half with your favourite green or black tea!


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Absolutely amazing! Not only did they ship it immediately, but it arrived promptly and was packaged beautifully. I have been drinking it iced with just a touch of local honey. The flavor balance is perfect, so if you’re lavender obsessed you will definitely get your fix. Can’t wait to try more flavors!
— Etsy review by A.G. (6.13.18)
Oh my goodness!!! I have tried quite a few teas with Valerian Root, this one with Bergamot Earl Grey and Lavender was amazing!!!!!! Wonderful shop!!!!!!
— Etsy review by B.L. (6.5.17)
So far, it’s a 5-star tea! I get UTI’s fairly regularly (lucky me) and I got a custom blend of this tea to drink every day to help keep them at bay. The tea is very light in color and tastes great!
— Etsy review by A.S. (2.25.19)
Tea shipped out right away! In a great resealable pkg, perfect instructions. You never know how medicinal teas will taste, but it tastes great which made me very happy! :) Will def order again. Edit: I had a chronic UTI for 2 months. Was on all sorts of prescription meds but nothing helped. Cran juice, green tea, etc, but nothing even touched it. Drank this tea 3 -4 times a day for 4 days and it is gone! Unreal, I am sooo happy! Highly recommend this tea.
— etsy review by S.G.V. (12.21.17)
I had an antibiotic resistant uti so instead of more antibiotics I decided to try alternative remedies.
This tea worked wonderfully and tasted mild and pleasant.
I will buy another bag to have on hand for the next time.
— Etsy review by T.P. (3.23.19)
Oh my gosh. This tea (Candida Crusher) is really beautiful. It’s so wonderfully warm and spicy and feels good going down the throat.
— Etsy review by J.X. (10.1.16)
(UTI tea) Really calms my bladder down and I’m excited to see how it works for me a few months from now. Also - really great people. Excellent customer service and definitely have your best interest in mind. Will definitely be a repeat customer.
— etsy review by L.D. (10.17.16)
I absolutely love this tea! I feel better and more relaxed after drinking it. It has become apart of my morning routine. 100% happy! Amazing communication, this vender really makes you feel at home and cozy. Will return for another purchase!
— Etsy review by S.C. (1.17.18)