Lavender Valerian Grey

Lavender Valerian Grey


Oh how we love our Valerian! Anyone who's tried to drink Valerian root knows it's pungent flavor can sometimes be hard to swallow. After some experimentation with thoughtfully sourced fair-trade teas and organic herbs, we finally blended Valerian root into a perfectly compatible, ultra relaxing lavender and Earl grey. The caffeine in our Sri Lanka earl grey is counterbalanced with the relaxing properties of organic lavender, letting you enjoy the health benefits of Valerian root any time of day. No longer will this healing root's acquired taste keep you from enjoying the health properties of organic Valerian root. The best part is that our Earl grey is not from China and has no artificial flavor additives! 

Valerian was not only commonly used as medicine by our ancestors, but continues to be used as medicine today. Valerian is used as a mild tranquilizer for people experiencing emotional stress. Valerian has occasionally been tried as part of a program to take a patient off antidepressants or benzodiazepines, and is sometimes used as a muscle relaxant to treat pain. Valerian does not impair driving ability and produces no morning hangover effect. It is a gentle relaxant and an effective sleep aid.

One serving equals one gram. Can be reboiled and enjoyed twice.
*NOTE* Let the boiling water sit for a minute before steeping as to not spoil Valerian's delicate nutrients and phytochemicals. 

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