UTI tea

UTI tea


This blend is our proud "UTI tea". I, in my early 20's, suffered from Interstitial Cystitis before concocting this blend. I was told Interstitial Cystitis was a chronic condition without a cure, but after a careful regimen of drinking while avoiding acid-producing foods, my chronic bladder infection is now a thing of the past. I don't even get flare ups when overly stressed anymore! This recipe is so good, it was the very blend that inspired us to start Earthflower Herbs; it's brought peace and comfort to my life and I only hope we can bring it to you, too.

In my experience, sipping a half cup every half hour can quickly relieve painful urination and UT/bladder discomfort. I've found it excellent for UTI's, Interstitial cystitis, cystitis, bladder inflammation, kidney support and balanced urinary tract function. Because all our herbs are therapeutic-grade and whole, they should be reboiled up to 3 times before being composted.

This is a 40 gram bag of an organic herbal blend. One serving is one teaspoon of loose leaf blend per cup water, making sure to get all of the many herbs in each scoop. We recommend steeping 3 tablespoons in a 2 liter jar or teapot full (64 oz daily) and drinking it throughout the day. Then reboiling the tea once per day for 3 days and taking a break every 4th day. This completely relieves UTI’s within 5-10 days in my experience. Following this protocol was exactly how I used the tea to relieve my interstitial cystitis over a period of 3 months (in combination with a low acid diet) and I always recommend reboiling the tea three times, because you increase the dilution each day to the point where its more of a mild tonic or micro-dose on the third day. It is also important to take a couple rest days each week. I recommend a rest day every 4 days, especially if you want to take it for longer than 1 week.

Day 1: I fill a cotton tea bag with fresh tea and steep it in 2 liters of water and I drink it slowly throughout the day.
Day 2: I re-steep the teabag in 2 liters of pure hot water and drink a diluted tea slowly through the day.
Day 3: I re-steep the teabag in 2 liters of pure hot water and drink a diluted tea slowly through the day.
Day 4: I take a rest day and don’t drink any UTI tea. Instead, I drink lots of water.
The tea should only be full strength only once every 4 days, not daily. In my experience, my UTI symptoms resolved within 7 to 10 days. Some studies suggest the potential for liver toxicity when ingesting an isolated compound of Uva Ursi (hydroquinone), and because of this some practitioners say not to use it for more than 7 days at a time. However this may be true for concentrated doses of the isolated compound and not the whole herb (for more information scroll down to Uva Ursi in the ingredient list). In my experience with treating Interstitial cystitis, I used this tea this way for 3 months with no side effects.

Always consult your health care practitioner before starting any herbal regimen. I'm only a Medical Herbalist and not a doctor. I'm just sharing my experience with how I used this blend of herbs to help myself out of a very uncomfortable situation in my life. This experience is not medical advice and always ask your holistic health care practitioner before starting any herbal regimen.

I do offer special ordering of low-uva ursi blends with half the uva-ursi content made to order and can make uva ursi- free tea, though I cannot say how effective it can be without this ingredient.

Cornsilk, Uva Ursi, Marshmallow, Stinging Nettle, Dandelion greens.

Corn silk is used for bladder infections, inflammation of the urinary system, inflammation of the prostate, kidney stones, and bedwetting.

Uva Ursi contains hydroquinone and hydroquinone derivatives, making it potentially useful for urinary conditions and is used to treat infections such as cystitis, urethritis and nephritis. The hydroquinone derivative, arbutin, is the chief active compound in Uva Ursi.
DISCLAIMER: Studies suggest Hydroquinone, an isolated constituent in Uva Ursi leaf can cause liver damage. This is not to say the whole herb behaves this way. I have chosen to keep Uva Ursi in this recipe because herbs in their whole form behave differently in the body than an isolated constituent, which can be extremely concentrated. Once you remove a component of an herb, you get a drug, which are known to cause side effects. Almost all drugs are derived from plants, yet many cause unwanted side effects not observed when using the whole herb. Herbs have thousands of constituents and many are designed to work in synergy with one another. Certain constituents antidote the negative effect of others, and this goes even further when combining herbs. Despite this, I still recommend taking rest days every few days. This is my opinion as an herbalist and not to be taken as medical advice. I also offer custom ordering for half-strength uva ursi content or uva ursi-free blends for anyone who is concerned.

Marshmallow, especially the leaves and roots, contain polysaccharides that have antitussive, mucilaginous, and antibacterial properties. It reduces inflammation, soothes mucous membranes, chron's, and ulcerative colitis. When used with Uva Ursi, it acts as a substitute for the medicinal properties of the endangered pipissewa herb.

Stinging Nettle stimulates lymph system to boost immunity, supports adrenals, helps break down kidney stones, destroys intestinal worms, and supports kidney functions.

Dandelion greens contain vitamins C and B6, thiamin, riboflavin, calcium, iron (crucial for generating red blood cells), potassium (to help regulate heart rate and blood pressure), and manganese. Other nutrients present in dandelion greens include folate, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. Dandelion greens help clear painful urinary dysfunction.

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*This product is not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose any illness. Ask your physician before starting any herbal regime.
*Information above for educational purposes only.

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