soil microbiology & good bugs

Microbes and their microbial networks are the foundation of life and imperative to maintaining a healthy organic garden. Mykos and Azos form symbiotic relationships with plants and increase their resilience to drought, synthesize necessary nutrients for the plant when needed, and form spongy fungal networks that connect plants together like a community. They keep soil fluffy, aid in the decomposition and bioavailibilty of organic matter and increase the soil’s water retention ability. These fungal networks really “plug” the plant into the earth’s natural systems and When these fungal networks take care of your plants for you, it cuts the labor input needed for maintaining a garden.

Beneficial nematodes are the best way to organically fight and prevent insect pest problems. These are microscopic predators to the insects that munch on your garden and spoil the fruits of your labor. the nematodes attack 250+ pest insect species while leaving beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, and ladybugs alone. Team up with nematodes and you’ve got nature on your side. (Don’t forget to pick up a hose-end sprayer in the garden supplies section below)

you can buy good bugs here too! the more microbial & insect life you introduce into the garden, the more nature works with you. Beneficial insects are predators to pest insects and releasing them locally in the garden ensures your garden has an ample population present. make sure you have good habitats like flower beds, shrubs, or a wild garden around and Pest problems will be virtually non-existent.