Reverse osmosis water filtration

Because pure water is key to good health, we use this affordable reverse osmosis filter that fits easily under the kitchen sink and is easy to install. We also like this one because it’s filters are affordable and easy to replace. It produces enough clean water for most households to use and stores 5 Liters of pure RO water in a compact holding tank. This isn’t your average charcoal “filter” that attaches to the faucet and runs tap water through a charcoal pouch. Reverse osmosis water is purified by slowly being forced through several filters designed to only allow H2O to penetrate. This real purified water is key to effective herbal extraction, sourdough health, to our health and the health of our animals. purifying water at home is healthier than buying bottled water, for you and for the planet. If you currently buy bottled water for your family, this machine quickly pays for itself. Let yourself have quality water on tap.