Natural garden fertilizer

Using natural fertilizers is important to maintaining the fertility of your garden soil. Each growing season, plants take minerals from the soil. Lots of compost and organic matter helps restore some nutrients, but rarely enough to replenish the soil.

We use liquid fertilizers all season long because they’re easy to incorporate mid-season when plants really need it and they work great in containers and raised beds. Neptune’s harvest is our favorite brand and for a good reason; it’s made from pure northern Atlantic fish and seaweed and is rich in highly bio-available micronutrients. it comes highly concentrated so you dilute as needed. a gallon lasts us all year and it doesn’t expire. very dilute, it Makes a fantastic foliar spray and I’ve noticed it adds a layer of protective zyme on the leaves for added biological protection.

use this for plants that like a more acidic soil like blueberries.

Use specific nutrients to maintain the perfect soil and always ensure your plants have everything they need to thrive. Undernourished plants don’t perform well, fall victim to disease and pestilence, and end up producing a subpar harvest.