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After gardening for many years, we not only learned the tricks of the trade but also the tools of the trade. There are so many amazing products out there, but also many not-so-great products. How do you know what to choose when shopping for your garden?

We partnered with Amazon to bring you an easy list of our favorite products and tools to use on the homestead. Whatever you purchase through a link on our site has been reviewed, trialed and tested by us and is a great product you can feel confident using in your garden. No more sifting though endless products wondering if you’re really getting the best deals on the best stuff around. we do that for you!

Your purchase even helps support our business and our vision. we collect a small commission when you purchase your supplies through the links on this page. Your support means the world to us.

We can’t thank you enough.

Feel free to browse our selection of quality products and garden like a professional!

soil biology & good bugs

Microbes and their microbial networks are the foundation of life and imperative to maintaining a healthy organic garden. Mykos and Azos form symbiotic relationships with plants and increase their resilience to drought, synthesize necessary nutrients for the plant when needed, and form spongy fungal networks that connect plants together like a community. They keep soil fluffy, aid in the decomposition and bioavailibilty of organic matter and increase the soil’s water retention ability. These fungal networks really “plug” the plant into the earth’s natural systems and When these fungal networks take care of your plants for you, it cuts the labor input needed for maintaining a garden.

Beneficial nematodes are the best way to organically fight and prevent insect pest problems. These are microscopic predators to the insects that munch on your garden and spoil the fruits of your labor. the nematodes attack 250+ pest insect species while leaving beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, and ladybugs alone. Team up with nematodes and you’ve got nature on your side. (Don’t forget to pick up a hose-end sprayer in the garden supplies section below)

you can buy good bugs here too! the more microbial & insect life you introduce into the garden, the more nature works with you. Beneficial insects are predators to pest insects and releasing them locally in the garden ensures your garden has an ample population present. make sure you have good habitats like flower beds, shrubs, or a wild garden around and Pest problems will be virtually non-existent.

Natural garden fertilizer

Using natural fertilizers is important to maintaining the fertility of your garden soil. Each growing season, plants take minerals from the soil. Lots of compost and organic matter helps restore some nutrients, but rarely enough to replenish the soil.

We use liquid fertilizers all season long because they’re easy to incorporate mid-season when plants really need it and they work great in containers and raised beds. Neptune’s harvest is our favorite brand and for a good reason; it’s made from pure northern Atlantic fish and seaweed and is rich in highly bio-available micronutrients. it comes highly concentrated so you dilute as needed. a gallon lasts us all year and it doesn’t expire. very dilute, it Makes a fantastic foliar spray and I’ve noticed it adds a layer of protective zyme on the leaves for added biological protection.

use this for plants that like a more acidic soil like blueberries.

Use specific nutrients to maintain the perfect soil and always ensure your plants have everything they need to thrive. Undernourished plants don’t perform well, fall victim to disease and pestilence, and end up producing a subpar harvest.




you already love to grow food, cook food & eat food, but did you know books are brain-food?

reverse osmosis filter

Because pure water is key to good health, we use this affordable reverse osmosis filter that fits easily under the kitchen sink and is easy to install. We also like this one because it’s filters are affordable and easy to replace. It produces enough clean water for most households to use and stores 5 Liters of pure RO water in a compact holding tank. This isn’t your average charcoal “filter” that attaches to the faucet and runs tap water through a charcoal pouch. Reverse osmosis water is purified by slowly being forced through several filters designed to only allow H2O to penetrate. This real purified water is key to effective herbal extraction, sourdough health, to our health and the health of our animals. purifying water at home is healthier than buying bottled water, for you and for the planet. If you currently buy bottled water for your family, this machine quickly pays for itself. Let yourself have quality water on tap.


nO MATTER WHAT WE DO SOMETIMES, PESTS INSIST ON BEING A PROBLEM. we DON’T SPRAY POISONS ON OUR FOOD, BECAUSE THAT’S CRAZY! so WE USE THESE Natural solutions to keep pests away from our garden. We can still enjoy delicious organic produce because these products are all natural!

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harvest & preservation

Well, you grew it. Now it’s time to pick it and do something with it!

Natural pet care

Fenris and Luna are our beloved dogs - our Australian shepherd and Alaskan malamute. we take care of our pets like we take care of our plants. we want them healthy, holistic, and chemical-free. We want them to live their best life. Check out our list of must-have natural pet products and solutions that we use to keep our pets happy and healthy.

Protect your domain. Why use chemical flea & tick products on your dog when they only ever roam the yard? These nematodes destroy fleas and over 250 species of pest insects while leaving good bugs unharmed. Use it once in the spring for a flea-free yard.

we’re compiling a list of the best natural pet care products we use everyday. our pets are our children, so we only use the best stuff around to keep them healthy and young into their older years.

check in often to watch this section grow!