START WHERE YOU ARE. (& Check us out on Youtube!)

We're still not able to get our own land to transform into an off-grid homestead, but that doesn't mean our journey hasen't already begun. Over and over, I've head homesteaders, bloggers, and others living off the grid and producing their food give their wise words of advice.  They always have good info, but the most important words I've heard, ones that have stuck with me have been "START WHERE YOU ARE" and "START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE". 

It's freeing to know you don't have to buy the farm right off the bat. It's certainly a relief. Whew! We only have about a quarter acre just outside Chicago to use as we please.  My mom owns the house and I've been turned loose to work on the back yard and garden for over a decade already. We have an orchard, berry bushes, garden beds, a geodesic greenhouse, an arbor, shiitake mushroom logs, wild gardens and more! All on that tiny quart acre! 

One day, we'll be able to take you along on our off-grid journey, but for now we invite you into our kitchen on our new youtube channel Earthflower Kitchen