Our journey is Earthflower Farm

Hello folks!

This is Joanna writing my first blog entry.  It's been nearly a year's work in progress to create this website.  As you know, Vadim and I created Earthflower Herbs & Organics to help bring wholesome and beyond organic loose leaf herbal teas and remedies from our apothecary to your kettle. We started selling the herbal blends we created whilst in herbal school on our Etsy shop a few years ago with wonderful feedback from our customers.  Though etsy is an affordable and easy platform (and our shop isn't going anywhere!) we wanted to create something more. 

Now, our real goal is Earthflower Farm.  We're joining the back to nature and homesteading movements and looking to start this beyond organic permaculture food forest and intensive garden on between 1 and 10 acres. 

We're still in school and the farm is only a dream as of yet, but I want to let you all know that your purchase not only supports organic and sustainable farming practices but also promotes our effort to join the sustainable agriculture movement.  As our little business grows, we're hoping to offer dried mushrooms, fresh produce boxes, iced teas, and even live seedlings on our website. We're super excited and we hope you choose to follow our adventure on instagram and our blog here.

Thank you all so much for all your support!