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Earthflower Herbs; quality without compromise.

We're committed to our Mother Earth. We know that modern agriculture today is practiced in ways that destroy our mother and exploit her and her children to churn profit. Using toxic chemicals on food crops, monoculture practices, genetic modification of plants to withstand such abuse, and the abuse of farmers and cultivators by big AG is something our company will never support. For our mother's sake, we choose to treat mom better.

Our promise:

*Our herbs are Certified Organic by both Oregon Tilth and the USDA and 100% GMO-free. 
*Our herbs are certified by Earth Kosher, Social and Fair Trade Certified by IMO.
*All our wildcrafted herbs have been sustainably gathered in their wild habitat by experienced collectors who always leave enough in the habitat to promote regeneration. 
*Our herbs are always and only grown and cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, growth agents, and free from irradiation and chemical sterilization.
*All our products are 100% vegan, we'll never, ever test on animals, they're fair trade, and our business supports farmers and suppliers who support ethical farming practices and healthy water programs for native salmon conservation.
*We never source tea from China.

Most bagged tea brands overprice herbal "shake" or the little crumbs at the bottom of bulk bags, but not us! When you pop open a bag of Earthflower Herbs artisan infusions, the difference is clear. Our selection of medicinal teas are as unique and exciting as the herbs within; your tea ball will be bursting with full flowers, bright herbs, pungent aromas, all in your steaming cup of hot medicine. Our rich and aromatic loose leaf herbal tea blends are skillfully mixed to the perfect proportions to synergize combinations of high-grade herbs for maximum effectiveness with a soothing and tasty beverage! 

We're a family owned business that's owned by REAL people who experience much of the same ailments you do. We are currently Herbalism students and we lay our trust in the ancient wisdom of herbs, knowing well that quality is imperative to successful herbalism. The very same remedies we offer in store, we use to keep our own family well at home! Each tea blend has been tried and tested by our own family to be safe and effective. We don't sell what didn't make the cut. We hope to start making salves soon, among other preparations. 
Our life-long pursuit is to create a self-sufficient, vegetarian homestead and sustainably cultivate semi-wildcrafted organic herbs and mushrooms to use in our blends and preparations in the future. Every purchase helps bring our dream closer to reality! We can't thank you enough.

Together, we bring you Earthflower Herbs & Organics.
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Own a small mom&pop shop or want to see your local market carry our quality teas? We're inviting small & independent retailers to message us! We're now offering wholesale prices on bulk packaged teas!